This consent has been given between; The person who filled in information and / or approved these terms on or responded to an email linking to these terms ("Person") and Croisette Real Estate Partner.
The storage and handling of company and personal data within Croisette Real Estate Partner (Croisette AB and its wholly or partly owned companies) collect and hereby give full right to use;
Information provided by you
In some places on this site you may be prompted to provide information that can identify you as a person to take advantage of some features such as: downloadable documents, subscription to newsletters or to participate in certain activities such as advertising campaigns. You are then informed about the required information. Further described below.
Information gathering
As you browse this site, some anonymous information may be collected passively (ie without actively providing the information) using various techniques, such as cookies and navigation data collection.
Such passive retrieval anonymous information can be used to provide better service to visitors to this site, to customize the site according to your wishes, compile and analyze statistics and trends, and otherwise administer and improve the site. Such information is not combined with personal data collected in other places unless you have given your consent to this.
Our use of information about you
Certain marketing and research analyze are conducted by third parties that provide data collection and analysis services in accordance with agreements with us, using anonymous data retrieved from cookies. You can turn off cookies by following the instructions in your browser. We reserve the right to use information that is not personally identifiable.
We take reasonable steps to ensure that information that identifies you as a person is protected on this site when you transfer it here and to protect such information from loss, abuse, and unauthorized access, advancement, alteration or destruction. You should remember that no transfer on the Internet is ever completely safe or error free. This site is not intended for children. We do not collectively collect personal data from children through this site but can’t guarantee that it does not happen. We encourage parents to talk with their children about the use of the Internet and the information they pass on to websites.
Information retrieved
Name, E-mail, type of service, title, behavior on our websites and number of visits ( and undersides), telephone number, previous services, and any additional information sent or sent to us by E-mail, SMS or in writing otherwise.
Storage of information
We store the information in order to offer our services (market our services) in a relevant way and to the right people. This also applies to cases in which an assignment relates, to create a relevant speculative list, ie to be able to send information about possible acquisition or hiring objects.
Except as mentioned above, as well as personal information assistants who may handle data with data as described above, the information shall not be sold to external parties.
A person who accepts these terms and conditions is deemed to be entitled to the company, which he or she represents to give this consent both personally but also on behalf of the company. Person warrants that it completes its own information and undertakes not to distribute the information provided in any form to third parties without the written consent of Croisette Real Estate Partner.
Special conditions for handling sensitive personal data and recruitment
For those cases Person applies for work, sends CV, or performs personality tests, Croisette Real Estate Partner reserves the right to save the information on the local server until Person requests that the information be removed. Croisette Real Estate Partner saves the data for at least five years but intends to have an updated recruitment database over time to find the right candidate for a vacant job at the time. CV sent by email is excluded from above and may be saved in its original form on the email server.
Updated 2021-03-15