Property Transactions

Croisette offers high-quality transactions advisory for all property sectors, covering both sales- and acquisition advice and solitary properties and portfolios. Our advisory targets both existing property owners and investors.

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Sales Advisory

Sales advice

We help property owners to manage and implement sales of one or more properties. Every property deal has its own unique set of circumstances, and we assist our clients by providing active advice throughout the entire sales process. We have a number of offices, so we can help our clients no matter where their properties are located.

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Acquisition advice

We offer advice on acquisitions to investors of all sizes. We cover everything from strategic analysis to helping clients to identify new acquisition opportunities themselves according to an established acquisition strategy. Croisette can help with bid handling, due diligence and negotiation all the way along the line until completion of an acquisition.

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Reference cases

2017-09-08 | Sparbanken Skåne


Croisette acted as sole financial advisor to Sparbanken Skåne in the strategic divestment of all the...

2019-06-28 | Midroc to Brorman Fastigheter


Midroc has signed an agreement with Brorman Fastigheter AB regarding the sale of the property Malmö ...

2018-02-05 | Preservia divest


Preservia Hyresfastigheter AB has divested the property Gävle Sätra 108:26 to Trenum AB, a jointly o...

2018-04-30 | Preservia hyresfastigheter AB


Preservia Hyresfastigheter AB has divested the property Gävle Sätra 108:28 to Trenum AB through a sa...

2018-09-24 | Kaj Nilsson divest an industrial portfolio


Kaj Nilsson Holding AB has sold three companies, containing nine industrial properties to the listed...

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Why choose Croisette’s transactions advisory?

If you are an investor pondering to buy or sell properties, do not hesitate to contact Croisette Transactions – our team is committed to go the extra mile to surpass your expectations.

Regardless if you are looking to buy or to sell a property, Croisette offers you transactions advisory. We are with you all the way, from initiating the process until completion and signing of the deed and the transfer of ownership.

At Croisette, we are committed to being as efficient and innovative as possible in each step of the property transaction, e.g. with digital viewings and the use of new platforms for identifying unique buyers. Based on our vast experience in transactions advisory, sell and buy-side alike, the Croisette Transactions team can contribute valuable guidance.

The bulk of transactions made by Croisette is corporate acquisitions, where the properties or portfolios divested are structured and sold as companies. Some properties are sold as title deeds, where the property is sold directly, and Croisette Transactions’ experienced team has the knowhow, and all permits required, to carry out title deed transactions. If more than one property is being sold, Croisette Transactions will create sales materials promoting synergies in the portfolio in order to ensure the optimal price of the portfolio.

In a number of transactions, Croisette’s transaction advisors have represented landlords turned tenants in sale-and-leaseback deals, i.e. where there landlord and the tenant are one and the same and will remain as tenants once the property has been sold. Here, Croisette has, e.g. assisted the seller in designing new leasing agreements for the new landlord.

When you, as a property owner, choose to hire Croisette Transactions, we first assist you in valuing the property to jointly establishing a target value for the divestment. We create sales material and market the property to all prospective buyers to promote competition and thus the highest possible price. We will manage all dialogues during the bidding process or other negotiations with buyers or other parties, such as legal representatives. Croisette Transactions will also be involved in drawing up the contract of sale (transfer of shares agreement in case of corporate acquisitions) as well as handle all negotiations with the buyer such that all parties are at peace.

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Martin Spangdahl-Fafara 
Managin Director, Croisette Denmark
+45 (0) 40501512

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