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Croisette has several partner companies with whom we work in different ways. Read more about our partners below, we are always open to new partnerships where both parties can obtain win-win situations. Contact us if you are looking for some kind of cooperation!


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Croisette is part of SF Invest, which is the real estate markets’ branch-funding company. SF Invest is cooperatively owned by fifteen of the Swedish real estate market's largest companies. The partners in SF Invest have together developed, which is the new marketplace for premises and commercial properties. It is a service developed by the industry – for the industry, with a strong focus on the final customer, the premises applicants. Read more about SF Invest

Croisette is part of MERC, a network that links the young decision-makers of the future with mentors and business representatives. MERC is a platform where network members meet, exchange experiences, create business opportunities and long-term collaborations. The purpose is to create an exchange of experience, expand the members' network and provide insight into potential business and career paths ahead. MERC's partners and mentors have the opportunity to spread their message and brand to future decision-makers. Read more about MERC.


Croisette delivers, exclusively to Datscha’s web-based analysis tool, detailed market information for all municipalities in Skåne, Stockholm County and Gothenburg. Datscha is Sweden’s leading provider of web-based services for information and analysis of commercial properties. Datscha is currently available on Swedish, Finnish and British markets. Datscha has over 1000 corporate customers, most of them active in the finance or real estate industry. Typical users are property owners, consultants, investors, valuers, bank officials, accountants, brokers, lawyers and heads of business. Read more about Datscha.

Croisette works towards ensuring that everyone within the business area Valuation & Analysis becomes authorized property valuers, the body for authorization of the first step in Sweden is Samhällsbyggarna. Authorization of property valuers has been available since October 1994 when it was established by the Society for Real Estate Economics. Today, it is Samhällsbyggarna and the board of Sektionen för Fastighetsvärdering, SFF, which is responsible for the authorization of property valuers. Read more about Samhällsbyggarna.


Are you interested in any kind of cooperation? Please contact us! We are always interested in potential collaborations where both parties achieve a win-win situation. 

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