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We are an expansive and innovative company that allows you to develop at a high pace, have an impact, and grow and influence the development of the property industry. Our work environment is dynamic and created by our driven and skilled employees who share our vision of becoming the leading commercial real estate advisor in Sweden.

Our most valuable asset is our employees and we are convinced that the enjoyment and well-being of our employees, at work and at home, will benefit us all, as a company and as individuals.

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As we are constantly growing, we are always looking for new talent to work for us. Why don’t you send us an open application? We sometimes fill new vacancies by meeting new people that way. Register to send us an open application.

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If you are a student, our goal is to offer you an individually suited period at our company. Please tell us about your requirements regarding internships, extra work or thesis ideas by sending an application to Eduwork or registering.


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The values of Croisette are the foundation of our organisation
- innovative, dedicated and long-term.

Driven by the desire for long-term growth, we cherish skill and experience highly but most of all motivation, driving-force and work ethics. We care about our people and take into consideration opinions and ideas that contribute to taking our company forward. We also believe that flexibility and open-mindedness towards the ever-changing demands of the market are required to maintain our competitiveness.

Through cooperation and high ambitions, we create the best conditions for a successful career at Croisette.

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